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12 Ways Americans Are Saving Money

Economists say that the recession is over in America, but many consumers aren’t buying it. In fact there are a lot of things they aren’t buying these days like they used to. Many people expect the economy to get worse in the coming months and they are actively trying to find ways to save money ahead of the next recession.

Harris Interactive recently conducted a study asking American how they are finding ways to cut their expenses. Here are the 12 ways that Americans are saving money.

1. Generic Brands – 67% of Americans are purchasing generic brands in order to save money.

2. Brown Bag Lunch – 46% are taking their own lunch instead of eating out..

3. Fewer Haircuts – 43% of Americans are extending the time between visits to the barbershop or hair stylist.

4. Refillable Water Bottles – 39% are now using refillable water bottles rather than spending money on bottled water.

5. Cancelling Magazines – 31% of Americans are saving money by cancelling one or more magazine subscriptions.

6. Laundry – 24% of doing their own laundry rather than making the trip to the dry cleaners.

7. Cut Cable – 22% have either cancelled their cable television or at least reduced their package.

8. Fewer Lattes – 21% have stopped purchasing expensive coffee drinks in the morning.

9. Cancelling Newspapers – Americans are not only cancelling their magazine subscriptions as a way of saving money, but 18% of them have also cancelled their newspaper subscription.

10. Cut Home Phone – 16% of Americans have cut their landline phones and are now relying only on their cell phones.

11. Only Cell Phone – 14% have cancelled or cut their cell phone service.

12. Carpooling – 14% of Americans are opting to join a carpool or using public transit as a way of saving money.

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