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Car Buyers Are Choosing Ford Fusion over Toyota

Auto sales figures for the month of February were released yesterday and Ford appears to be the big winner. Ford sales jumped 43% in February and the company sold more cars that General Motors for the first time in 12 years.

Toyota sales declined nearly 9% as the company continues to suffer fall-out from their gas-pedal fiasco. However, some analysts were surprised that the impact for Toyota wasn’t significantly worse.

So with Toyota’s sales down, which models are car buyers now choosing in its place?

The Honda Accord which has been Toyota Camry’s primary competitor over the years, did see some marginal improvement. 20,024 Honda Accord’s were sold in February compared to 19,022 in January.

However, the big winner seems to be the Ford Fusion. The Ford Fusion sold 16,459 vehicles in February which was a phenomenal increase over January’s 12,179 vehicles.

The Fusion jumped to the 7th spot in this month’s vehicle rankings (up from Number 10 in last month’s rankings). The Fusion leaped over the Chevrolet Cobalt, Nissan Altima and Chevrolet Malibu.

Ford has certainly been aggressively targeting Toyota buyers. Both Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry are offering buyers a $1,000 rebate this month. However, with negative headlines continuing for Toyota, we would expect the Ford Fusion to take additional market share from the Toyota Camry this month. In fact, it is very real possibility that the Ford Fusion will outsell the Toyota Camry for the first time ever this month.


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