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A Website That Actually Provides Your Credit Score For Free

Having trouble trying to figure out your credit score? Tired of wading through countless “free” websites that turn out not to be free but rather a clever scam trying to get into your wallet? Well, fortunately there’s an answer to your problem. has sprung to the rescue of befuddled Americans everywhere. Now informed consumers can turn to a single source to check out their credit score. Frequently the free sites out there will provide you the legally mandated one free credit report but not provide that all important credit score that most companies use in their determination to offer loans and rates. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the changing credit scene, your credit score is factoring like never before in important financial decisions. Think your score only affects whether you can get a mortgage loan? Think again. Insurance companies now are factoring your credit score into whether or not they’ll offer you car insurance and what rates to charge you. Since car insurance is mandatory in all 50 states if you want to drive legally you’d better pay attention to that credit score. Also, got some money and need to open up an account? Be careful, some banks won’t offer you a savings account if you have a subpar credit score, even if you have thousands of dollars you want to deposit in their bank.

I checked out and found it impressively easy to sign up. When the first log jam of free credit report sites started cropping up a few years ago, the navigation and registering process was anything but easy. You typically had to sign up for a trial membership, enter credit card payment information and social security numbers in order to gain access to your “free” credit report. Once signed up, if you didn’t remember to cancel the trial membership after a couple of weeks then you’d be stuck with a nonrefundable monthly fee. There’s none of those shenanigans at They don’t even need your social security number – that was a pleasant surprise to this writer.

Quizzle is a very simple website that caters well to the services it provides. It’s well designed with nice flowing navigation chains that lead the user directly to the information they need. You can first get a basic overview as to what Quizzle is; I’ll quote from their website:

Your home, money and credit go hand in hand in life, so we created a tool where you can manage it all.

At Quizzle, you’ll get access to helpful tools and information that will help you make smart decisions about your life, including:

• Free Credit Report
• Free Credit Score
• Credit Improvement Tool
• Home Value Estimate
• Home Loan Recommendations
• Personal Budget
• Advice on How to Improve

The free credit report and credit score are the main reasons most users will want to check out Quizzle but the additional services and advice Quizzle offers is worth checking into. Quizzle has another page providing answers on why users would want to use Quizzle versus other websites. Having used Quizzle’s services, I can agree entirely with the answers they provide. It is fast, it’s secure, it’s free, no credit cards or SSN information required, and it’s simple. If I were writing a set of requirements for a free credit report website, I would have laid out something exactly like what Quizzle is. Quizzle is steadily gaining some popularity, being profiled by several big businesses and popular websites such as Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal and CNN. This is not a fly by night operation.

Enthused by what I found, I quickly launched the registration process. As I mentioned already in this review, the process was easy…mind numbingly easy, which is the way registrations should be! No complicated questions that you have to rack your mind over, no SSN required, no pulling out of your wallet to locate your credit card. Just enter your name, email address, some basic financial information and a simple CAPTCHA code to prevent spam bots from messing up a good thing and you’re done. After completing the information you’ll be sent an email to complete the registration process. Just click the link in the email and you’re in like Flynn, so to speak.

This is where the real fun begins. The Quizzle main page breaks down your financial situation into three major areas: Your Home, Your Money and Your Credit. Quizzle will assign a basic letter grade to each area from A down to F as well as an overall composite financial score from 0 to 100. Most users will be interested in the Credit Report and Score. Click on that section and your credit report will open up. On the credit page your credit score will appear in big bold numbers right at the top, no searching through layers of meaningless garbage, just a simple score right out in the open. I did find some variance in the score given to me and the score given to my mortgage company. After checking my credit via Quizzle, I called up my mortgage company for a refinance quote as I’d needed to check into that anyway. Quizzle gives you the highest of the three credit companies. Most lending companies will use the middle of the three so you might find a slight difference between Quizzle and your bank, for example. Next you can view your credit report. This is where you can find a detailed breakdown of your open and closed accounts, negative balances, and public records and even past inquiries into your credit report. If you’ve never viewed your credit report before, it’s definitely worth doing. For starters you can make sure that there’s no negative balances that you were unaware of (that $5 fee that you forgot about 3 years ago went to collections and suddenly trashed your credit? You want to know about those things). Additionally, you can also make sure there’s no accounts open that you were unaware of. I found that I had two American Express accounts open when I only thought I had one, that was a surprise to me and I was able to sort it out with American Express. I can’t stress how important it is to be aware of your financial situation; this kind of detailed credit report will help you be more in control than ever before.

The second major section of Quizzle’s scores is the “My Money” section. Although perhaps not quite as beneficial as the Credit section, there’s some value here for most users. Quizzle offers a handy budget that calculates your income and quickly shows your gross versus net and minuses your debt. Once you fill in the additional living expenses you’ll have a complete monthly budget that can help guide you towards financial stability. Throughout the Quizzle website there will be simple help links that will provide suggestions for improving either your money or your credit if it’s subpar, some of it is basic advice but some can be fairly insightful.

The last section of Quizzle’s scores is the “My House” section. This is another place where Quizzle comes through very nicely for the user assuming they have a mortgage. Although it initially confused me by showing a zero available equity for my situation, if you check how this is calculated it makes sense. You can edit your goals by choosing between trying to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible or by reducing your monthly payment to the lowest amount possible. Quizzle will calculate your refinance options based on the current rates, showing options between 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed and a 5 year ARM (Boo!!!). Quizzle will show how much money that refinance would save or cost you per month. I found the estimates given were very accurate, falling almost exactly where my refinance mortgage broker quoted me after an application. Also of note, Quizzle’s refinance quote includes your taxes, insurance, closing costs and PMI in their calculations, how nice is that? You don’t get deceived by a low principal and interest quote only to be disappointed at what the final monthly payment winds up being! Score another one for Quizzle.

All in all, Quizzle provides a neatly compact, simple and enjoyable browsing experience. Users of all backgrounds and financial goals will find something of value here. The simple layout and quick access to vital information gives it a big step up on all the competition. Right now, Quizzle looks to be the best credit report site on the web. In an era of stiff competition, it’s unusual to see someone head and shoulders above the crowd. Check out today for your free credit report and score.

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6 Responses to “A Website That Actually Provides Your Credit Score For Free”

  1. February 15, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    Hi there! I’m Ann-Marie from Quizzle. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to thoroughly review Quizzle. We love hearing from Quizzlers and often use your feedback to build new tools and features that will help you with your home, money and credit. If you or your readers ever have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout at feedback[at]quizzle[dot]com. Happy Quizzling!

  2. heavendreamer
    January 12, 2011 at 1:46 am #

    Ok, so you don’t have to put in your SSN # so in other words anyone has access to your credit report/score if they know your email address, your home address & some basic financial information. Way too easy for those looking to steal your identity or to look at your personal information that have absolutely no business looking at your information (such as a family member or a so called friend)

  3. Blossom
    June 29, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    But this website is NOT free. Every couple of seconds there is a pop up trying to sell credit reports/scores, credit repair and monthly monitoring. It may show a free score and sem-report the first time you set it up but after that I was inundated with pop ups selling products. I am not happy with that and will stick to Credit Karma and Credit Sesame which actually are free.


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